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We guarantee design quality, technical performance, high ethical standards and customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for a reputable and profitable company with many years of experience in the provision of services for architectural design, then Buddha interiors will be your best choice. Buddha Interiors focuses on large-scale transform projects and customized home design. We offer the best quality of design services by asking the proper queries and really being attentive to our clients. We believe the quality of our surroundings has a direct effect on the quality of our lives, whether at the home, workplace, or in any public location.

What we're working on

Our work quickly expanded, however, and now includes new home building, commercial construction, and the execution of both traditional and modern designs by the interior designers.
The experts really understand you in a fantastic way. In addition, they never compromise service efficiency. All you need to do is clearly present your needs and specifications and they will suit you accordingly, feel free to view our portfolio of past projects on-site for a greater understanding of our design styles.

Our Experts

Our Best Team

We started as a group with thoughtful and like-minded people. Eventually became a team that works independently toward one goal in unison. We create a "positive work culture" moving forward together where success takes care of itself.

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Deepak Oberoi


The idea was to build something that lasts, to enhance the quality of people’s life. In these First 10 years, important objectives have been reached, solid foundation has been laid to achieve even more ambitious results. He has extensive professional experience with a reputation for challenging convention and pursuing design excellence. He spends a great deal of his time working with design and execution teams, focusing on creating the best practice for clients. He has worked on the development of company's business strategy, plotting the company’s growth path.

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Aryan Oberoi

Managing Director

A young, aspiring and dedicated professional. Progress for him has never been a dream, it has always been a distant reality and once one milestone is achieved, there is always another one waiting to be crossed. He always wanted to push the company to a more prosperous and momentous platform. He has been overcoming challenge after challenge and makes sure that the best is delivered to the client, not compromising on the quality.

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Amit Gupta

Project Director

Mr. Amit has spent 25 years in the construction and interior industry. He takes care of the budgeting, execution and production of a project from start to finish, focusing his vision and energy to achieve the ultimate. Based on existing knowledge and in-depth research of the latest material developments and construction techniques, he optimally implies them in every project he undertakes.

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Ansh Puri

Project Manager

A tenacious professional, involved in managing projects, facilities procurement and market analysis. He is a natural and dedicated team worker with proven adeptness in learning and observing to improve efficiency, productivity and business process towards successful attainment of organizational goal.

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Sakshi Kapoor

Architect | Designer

A distinction holder from MBS School Of Planning And Architecture (GGSIP University). She is a leading architect with an experience of over 5 years. She has extensively worked in Residential, Architecture and Interior Design Projects. Has been a part of the interior design of various projects and worked with multi- disciplinary architecture and design studios. She is a Dynamic young talent with intricate designs and treats each space as a work of art. Her designing skills give a new perspective to the design practice.

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Shubhankar Rana

Project Architect

A tenacious professional, Graduated from MBS School Of Planning And Architecture (GGSIP University). He has an experience of over 7 years working with various design firms and has been a part of planning and development of diverse Institutional, Housing and Interior Design Projects. Having Expertise in Architectural project handling. He has also designed, renovated and redesigned high end residential projects throughout the city and was fortunate to work on DLF Magnolias , and may other high end residential projects.